The 2013 Miss World Pageant

United States born/Philippines native wins title.

Miss World 2013

Miss World 2013

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, Megan Young was crowned the 2013 Miss World at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre in Indonesia.

Young is 23 years old and held the title of Miss Philippines 2013.  She was born in the United States but moved to the Philippines when she was ten years old.  Young claims that she will be the “best Miss World Ever”.

The Miss World Pageant is not in any way the same as the Donald Trump Organization or the Miss America Organization.  Miss World 2012 was actually appointed her title.  She was the face of The Elite Models Company and was appointed the title of Miss World 2012.  The contestants do not have to go through preliminary competitions.

Miss Philippines was asked why she wanted to be the next Miss World.  She wants to show the world that people from her country are hard workers. She’s been caring for her brother and sister on her own since her mom moved to the US. She says she wants to show people the core values of humanity “so that as one, together, we shall help society.”

The 63rd annual Miss World pageant was originally supposed to be held in the outskirts of the Indonesian capital but was relocated to Bali as a result of weeks of protests from groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front and fears of terrorist attacks. Protestors carrying signs reading such things as “Miss World Go To Hell”, had become a common sight, and many were concerned that the crowds would become violent.  In an effort to please demonstrators, the Miss World committee removed the bikini round from the contest and replaced it with a much tamer “beach wear” event, in which the contestants instead wore sarongs that partly covered their legs. The move was met with indifference by Muslim groups, however, who believe that women should not put any part of their body other than their hands and face on display.
Although there was much controversy over the pageant, it went quite smoothly and the new Miss World is beyond ecstatic to represent the world.
When Young was young, she appeared on television, in films, and hopes to one day work behind the camera.  She is currently studying digital filmmaking and wants to make a popular film someday.  Young has always been a Harry Potter fan and would like to make movies just like the series.