The Duck’s Debut In Pittsburgh Has Been A Success

The famous yellow rubber duck has been docked in the rivers of Pittsburgh for the past couple weeks. This is just the duck’s first stop, so where will the duck be heading next?

The giant rubber duck, as most people refer to it, has made its first appearance in Pittsburgh. It arrived in Pittsburgh on September 27, with many anxious fans waiting.

Many other international places have hosted the duck, including Hong Kong, Sydney, and Amsterdam since 2007.

The duck was especially recreated for Pittsburgh by Florentijn Hofman of the Netherlands so it could fit under the city’s many bridges.

Just seeing pictures of the duck, not even seeing it in person, brightens up a person’s day. This is because the duck has no political connotation and it does not discriminate against anything or anybody.

The duck is supposed to stay in Pittsburgh until October 20, and will not make another appearance for three more months. This may disappoint people but that is why they should see the duck while it is in Pittsburgh.

The rubber duck is docked by The Point under the Clemente Bridge, the perfect scenery for a photo shoot with the famous duck.

In Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America, the rubber duck has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors to see what all the commotion is about. Fan’s reactions are priceless. They are always smiling and joyful. It’s so popular; it even has its own Facebook page and Twitter account.

Each city builds its own duck, and the whole project includes massive crews to inflate and deflate the duck, and in Pittsburgh, alerting the Coast Guard to the abnormal new water way art project.

Some say, because it is a rubber duck, that it is only for kids. However, that comment is debatable. Adults can enjoy the duck as well; it even reminds them of when they were a child, letting those entire memories flood back in when they see a giant yellow rubber piece of art work.

The 40-foot tall yellow rubber duck began floating up the Ohio River earlier in September and has left people in awe.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman says his Rubber Duck Project takes art to the people, in what he calls a global bathtub.