Movies to Look for in 2014

The Year of Remakes, Sequels, and Book Adaptations

This year, many of the most popular movies will be remakes and sequels, as well as many book adaptations. Everything from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to an adaptation of the musical Annie will show in theaters, but audiences are already waiting for some large-budgeted movies to be released.

Continuing with the vampire trend initiated by the dreaded Twilight saga, Vampire Academy releases on February 7. Exactly one week later, sappy romance stories including Endless Love, which is also a remake, begin to take over for Valentine’s Day, though movies such as Winter’s Tale try to mix in the age-old story of good versus evil to the typical romance plotline. Also, two days prior to these movies, Robocop releases, yet another remake.

For a more depressing tale of romance, look to The Fault in Our Stars, yet another book adaptation. This one, coming in early June, showcases the love story of cancer patients Hazel and Gus, but it also adds the comic relief supplied in the book.

The week following The Fault in Our Stars-as well as the sci-fi movie The Edge of Tomorrow-brings an animated break from thought-provoking, philosophical storylines with the easy-going sequel to How to Train Your Dragon.  At the same time, the action-packed comedy sequel 22 Jump Street also comes to theaters.

Among the most anticipated list is Mockingjay, which will be the third movie of the Hunger Games series. However, this is only the first half of the planned two-part movie. The second part will come into theaters about a year after the first part, which airs in November. The idea of stretching one book into two movies continues with Mockingjay, but it is not the only franchise to take that route this coming year.

The thrilling third installment to The Hobbit series comes to theaters in mid-December, and it looks to be just as long as An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug. With the second movie ending on a bit of a cliff-hanger, The Hobbit: There and Back Again promises more action scenes as well as a memorable ending to the story.