Jimmy Fallon is the New Face of The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is the New Face of The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon walked onto the stage, grinning ear to ear, as the new host of the ‘Tonight Show’. He proudly accepted his role as the new host, seeing where this journey will take him.

“I am Jimmy Fallon and I will be your host — for now,” he said, cracking his first joke as new host and of the night.

Weeks earlier, previous host of the ‘Tonight Show’ for 22 years, Jay Leno, hosted his last show. It was a tear-wrenching and heart-pulling show for fans all across the nation. Having been the host for so many years, Leno won the hearts of people everywhere. He charmed them with his lovable personality and hilarious comments.

The question everyone wants answered is whether Jay Leno will remain the favorite, or will Jimmy Fallon also win the hearts of Leno’s fans? Leno was respected as one of, if not the best, late night talk show host. Jimmy Fallon is relatively new to the talk show business, but there is no doubt that he will charm his audience to love him. Fallon already has a large fan base, and is also much respected in show business; his popularity will grow even more with this exposure on the ‘Tonight Show’.

Leno had time to reel in more fans; these fans are older and are loyal to him. Fallon’s fans are just beginning to come together and are younger than Leno’s fans. Different audiences are targeted by both these amazing talk show hosts.

Fallon is expected to have many renowned guests featured on the show. Just some of Fallon’s guests will include Jerry Seinfeld, Justin Timberlake and Michelle Obama. Fallon always has great celebrities appearing on the show. His skits do not match any other and he is capable of making anyone laugh.

There is no doubt that Jimmy Fallon will quickly rise to the top. He is America’s new generation of late night talk show host. He will top all the charts and Fallon’s name will be all over the news. Though he may not surpass Jay Leno’s reputation, he will definitely earn the same level of respect. This is just the beginning of Jimmy Fallon’s new career. His bubbly, outgoing, and comedic personality will help him succeed in anything he does. The era of Jimmy Fallon is here, and he will reign for a large amount of time.