Finding the Best Mobile Apps

It seems that people spend more time playing games on their phones than communicating with their friends. Part of that is due to the increasing number of free games that are available for downloading.

Due to the removal of the game Flappy Bird, developers have been creating spin-off games at an alarming rate. One of the more popular versions is Dumpy Doge, inspired by the overused Internet meme. Unlike the original game, Dumpy Doge gives players more than one life, making it slightly less annoying than the bird version.

Another animal spin-off of Flappy Bird comes in the form of Splashy Fish. Instead of flying through pipes in front of a city, this games takes players underwater while forcing them to avoid shiny gold pillars covered in seaweed. It also introduces a reward system, encouraging players to come back and try to beat their high score. Every ten points earned, the fish gets a new accessory, like a mohawk wig or the final unlockable golden fish.

One of the more creative versions can be found in Flying Cyrus-Wrecking Ball. Instead of a bird, fish, or dog, the icon is, as the name implies, a picture of Miley Cyrus’ head.

Apps similar to Candy Crush are still trending at the top of the Free Games list on both Android and Apple devices. Other developers have created games like Panda Pop, which follow the same basic principal.

The more pattern-driven apps are still well-received as well. Flow Free is the most well-known, but others have been rising in popularity. Blendoku takes a different look at the puzzles by having players color-coordinate a set of boxes.

Plague Inc. has also reached a fair amount of success. This particular game has players create their very own disease to kill off the human race. As the disease spreads, players earn points that they can use to spend on various categories, such as adding symptoms or increasing the number of ways to infect people.