Long-awaited revolutionary game set to release July-August

Long-awaited revolutionary game set to release July-August

For years, many avid gamers have been waiting for the release of the incredible game, “No Man’s Sky.”

The game, which was originally set to release June twenty-first, has now been pushed back to July or August.

Created by Hello Games, “No Man’s Sky” seems to be limitless in the amount of things a player can do and where he/she can go. The game features 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 quintillion planets. Just think about that for a second. The current world record game, EVE, has only 66,856  planets. Even that’s quite amazing but 18 quintillion is absolutely amazing,

The fifteen man team from Hello Games created the game in less than one-thousand days. The game was created not manually by each staff member, but was procedurally generated for multiple years and then checked by a probe who looks for errors and such. If the game were to have been created manually however, each staff member would have had to create 1,229,782,938,247,303,441,066 planets.

The game is set to release on PS4 and PC and there is already an extreme sense of excitement for it in the gaming community.

The goal of “No Man’s Sky” is to reach the center of the universe which offers a sense of a “new beginning” according to head developer, Sean Murray.

However, there are tons of other things players can do while exploring such as simply exploring planets and universes, trading with different life-forms, flying ships, fighting in the sky and on the ground, and my personal favorite, being a space pirate by hijacking freighters and such.

Developer Sean Murray told IGN, “You could spend weeks exploring one planet and not see everything there.”

Each planet is different from the next, some are toxic, some may have predators, and some may be friendly. It’s basically just the luck-of-the-draw on where you go.

In an interview with Gamespot, Murray was told by the interviewer that “No Man’s Sky” would be “impossible to review” because of the sheer vastness and how one could never see anything.

The game is an open-world game where theoretically, you could/should be able to meet up with your friends or other people. However, since it is so big Murray says, “It’s a unique journey, but it is within a shared universe. The chances of you meeting up with your friends are zero, pretty much.”

Basically, everyone starts on their very own planet and works their way from there. In fact, if a player is the first to discover a new species or planet or such, he or she can name it whatever they like and that would be its name forever (there is a profanity filter of course).

Also, the game features zero lag time so if you jump into hyperspace, there are no annoying loading screens and such.

Sean Murray also told Gamespot, “The generation that exists now, they’re growing up with Minecraft. That’s their Mario. They think Mario is a bit weird. They think Assassins Creed is a bit restrictive. They want the crazy, innovative games on Steam that give them something way more open.”

And that’s exactly what “No Man’s Sky” is offering up. A creative and innovative game that allows people to really do whatever they want and play the game completely different then anyone else.

After nearly three years, “No Man’s Sky” will be here this summer and the gaming community could not be more excited.