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Do Not Try This at Home

Riley Bell, Staff Writer

October 25, 2013

Lightning may never strike the same place twice, but your phone doesn't need to know that. Just recently a group of scientists from the University of Southhampton have teamed up with Nokia to create the possiblity of harnessing...

Somalian Terrorists Gun Down Civilians in Kenyan Mall

Jack Connors, Staff Writer

September 30, 2013

Somolian individuals from the terrorist group al Shabaab took the lives of a still unknown number of civilians at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya on Saturday. The standoff at the mall finally came to an end Tuesday, but...

Feature Club: Key Club

Allie Runser, Staff Writer

September 12, 2013

Key Club, along with numerous other Seneca Valley clubs, began only a couple weeks ago. Many students have already joined this group, but many other have not heard about it. Run by Mrs. McLachlan, Mrs. Williams, and Mrs. Sibeto,...