Let’s Talk Healthy This New Year

As we end the holiday season, all the cookies and fattening food, it is important to start eating a well balanced and healthy diet and stay active this winter.

It is a good idea to start a “Healthy Eating Plan”, also known as H.E.P. this can help you make sure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs every day while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss. A healthy eating plan also will lower your risk for heart disease and other health conditions.

A healthy eating plan emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products. It also includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.

It can also include low in saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars if controlled portion sizes.

To lose weight, most people need to reduce the number of calories they get from food and beverages and increase their physical activity.

For a weight loss of 1–2 pounds per week, daily in-take should be reduced by 500 to 1,000 calories.
In general:
“Eating plans that contain 1,000–1,200 calories each day will help most women lose weight safely.” American Health Association.

Eating plans that contain 1,200–1,600 calories each day are suitable for men and also may be appropriate for women who weigh 165 pounds or more or who exercise often,

If you eat 1,600 calories a day but do not lose weight, then you want to cut back to 1,200 calories. If you are hungry on either diet, then you may want to boost your calories by 100 to 200 per day. Very low calorie diets of fewer than 800 calories per day should not be used unless you are being monitored by your doctor.

With the new year it is a great time to start fresh, eat healthy and stay healthy this year.