Dreams: The Holders of Secrets


Dreams are an escape from reality that lets the human mind wander into the depths of one’s brain. The brain holds endless mysteries that are yet to be discovered.

A dream is defined as a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Everyone dreams; whether they remember their dreams or not, everyone does. Some dreams are not important enough or do not make a large enough impact on someone that makes them want to remember their dreams. In the four to six dreams that are dreamt a night, most of them are forgotten.

Depending on one’s current mood often reflects what happens in a dream. If someone is experiencing a hardship in their life, they are more likely to have a nightmare. However, someone who is happy and not stressed will have an upbeat dream. Most of the time, however, dreams are filled with anxiety, depression, and stress.

While the person is asleep, the brain is actually more awake than it is during the day. The body, however, is paralyzed and in an unmovable state.

Sleeping takes away all the worries of reality and shoves them into a dream of fantasy. The dream demonstrates what is going on in one’s life. Some people know that they are in a dream and have the ability to control it. The idea of “lucid dreaming” has become more popular. A large number of people who have tried this technique have actually been able to control what happens in their dreams.

Keeping a dream journal can prove to be very useful. This helps one organize thoughts and look for patterns. These patterns could help interpret the dreams, but also much is able to be learned from them.

Dreams are mysterious and make people wonder. The oddness of dreams confuses people, but with the increasing technology, there may be a way to record dreams and open the realm of dreaming to explore the secrets of dreaming.