Walt’s Legacy


Enjoy the show sign from the Sci-Fi Diner in Disney World
Cinderella’s famous Castle in the Magic Kingdom, Disney World.

An estimated daily net profit says that Disneyland makes 40 million a day, which to many is no surprise since the original Disneyland park was also a major success when it opened in 1955. From watching Mickey Mouse perform on the castle at the Magic Kingdom to riding the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios many come at a loss to describe the effects Disney World has on them. But the guests continue to come back almost every year to spend their vacation time in what may look like just an ordinary amusement park.   




One of the many fireworks from the firework display.

Many say they stay for the lights and firework displays that take place on certain nights in specific parks. The fireworks are almost attainable at all part of the park and are a great way to end a memorable day with one’ s family and friends. While the fireworks are going off the park normally has a light show on one of the many buildings that have been built to look like a place in a Disney story. When many see Cinderella’s Castle’s lights’ in the Magic Kingdom or the reflections of the globe, on the river, in front of the world showcase in Epcot the park feels authentic and like you are in a real storybook. The architecture for each park goes into so much detail to make sure that it reminds the guests of some of their favorite stories and movies.   





Guests may enjoy a drink while waiting for the hotel provided transportation to go to one of the four parks in Disney World.
Mickey Mouse on a poster advertising an up coming attraction.

Others come to meet some of their favorite characters from the famous Disney movies. From princesses to Mickey himself, or Mary Poppins Disney truly makes anyone feel like their kid self. Getting to meet these characters in real life brings back many memories that the visitors had forgotten and allowed them to connect with their younger selves. Making their visit more enjoyable. 

Sign saying to visit refreshment center from the Sci-Fi Diner in Disney World.


One of the many store available to guests at Hollywood Studios.
A movie available to the guests in Hollywood Studios. Another show provided to provide entertainment.

Besides seeing some favorite characters from Disney movies or TV shows others come because of the constant entertainment. Riding rides, shopping, spa getaways, water park relax days, and fun activities around the parks keep the guests happily entertained for the whole day. Many love having options of what to do next and Disney World has definitely brought an assortment.   



The Sci-Fi Diner sign reminding the guests to visit the snack bar.

Almost anyone can name a Disney movie because they have become one of the most influential companies in the world. Coming to Disney as a child or adult means everything to them because they most likely grew up learning life lessons from Mickey, how to sing from one of the many princess movies, and what high school looks like from our favorite, High School Musical. Not to mention, the magic that Peter Pan once made many believe in has come back to make the trip a one in a million experience. By coming to Disney, many are re-experiencing some of the happiest years in their lives. This is what gives Disney the title of being the Happiest Place on Earth.