Miss America Returns to Atlantic City After a 6 Year Absence


Miss America 2014 is from the state of New York-yet again.

Miss America returns to Atlantic City, New Jersey after a six year absence. It has taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada for those six years.  The 2014 pageant took place six months earlier than usual.  Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, won her title on January 6, 2013, and her year was cut short because of the 2014 pageant taking place earlier than usual.

Nina Davuluiri is the first Indian winner to become Miss America.  She competed along 52 other  contestants in the 2014 Miss America Pageant that took place on Sunday, September 15, 2013.  This year’s pageant consisted of a woman who is active in the Army to a woman who was born with only one arm.

Miss Iowa 2014, Nicole Kelly, competed for the title of Miss America this past weekend.  Kelly was born with only one arm and was officially the first contestant to compete at Miss America with such a disability.  She says that she is proud to show her disability and show that she isn’t afraid to be herself.

During pageant week there was a tragic mishap.  Miss Florida, Myrrhanda Jones was rehearsing her talent when she fell and tore her ACL and her MCL.  Normally once this injury happens, the patient is not allowed to do any activity for a few months.  This injury did not stop Jones from chasing her dream of becoming Miss America.  She returned to the competition wearing a knee brace and competed in the rest of competitions.  Jones ended up winning talent and placed third- runner up for the overall title of Miss America, according to E Online.

Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, is an active sergeant  in the US Army.  She was the first contestant to display all of her tattoos while being judged and did not cover them up with tattoo “camo”.  Vail placed in the top 15 for the overall title of Miss America 2014.  Vail was the people’s choice winner to be in the top 15.  That means that the people at home who were watching the pageant went online and voted for their favorite contestant to place in the top 15 and Vail was the contestant with the most votes according to US Magazine.

Many people confuse the Miss America pageant with the Miss USA pageant but they are both completely different pageant systems.  The Miss America Organization is a scholarship pageant where everyone leaves with a prize.  The 4th runner up walked away with a $10,000 scholarship, 3rd runner up with a $15,000 scholarship, 2nd runner up with a $20,000 scholarship, and the 1st runner up with a $20,000 scholarship. The winner walked away with a $50,000 scholarship.