Chemical Spill In West Virginia Has All Residents on High Alert

A chemical spill in West Virginia has affected more than 300,000 people’s water in recent weeks.

In Charleston, West Virginia, a chemical spill has left the city blue and green and stained with the smell of licorice.   The water is not deadly, but the residents of WV are advised to not wash their clothes in, bathe in or drink the water just in case of danger.

Freedom Industries is the company responsible for the spill.  On Thursday morning around 10:30, a worker spotted the spill form the bottom of a storage tank.  The company has worked around the clock to get rid of the spill.

A total of only six people were taken to the emergency room with symptoms that may have come from the chemical, but there have been no deaths.

State environmental officials told the company to start removing the tank to get rid of the chemicals.  Because this spill happened, the state of West Virginia has been on standstill with businesses closed or hampered by the water restrictions.  Restaurants are not to serve tap water; they have to serve bottled water only just to be safe.  They also have to use bottled water to wash the dishes so no chemicals get on the dishes or cups.