Earthquake Rattles The City of Los Angeles

Early Monday morning, an earthquake struck near the city of Los Angeles, registering a magnitude of 4.4.

The next day, Tuesday March 18, another earthquake strikes the town of  Brentwood, with a magnitude of 2.4.

California is no stranger to earthquakes.  However, it was very unusual for this earthquake to happen in the Santa Monica Mountains because they are a very old rock formation with very rigid rocks.

After the earthquake on Monday, there was ninety minutes worth of aftershocks.  The quake shook buildings and rattled nerves within a 150 mile span of Southern California, from Santa Barbara to Orange County.  This was the largest earthquake since 1994 in the Los Angeles area.

There were thankfully no injuries or casualties caused by this earthquake.  

“It felt like a bomb going off underneath our house,” said George McQuade, a West Hills resident. “Nothing was damaged, but it sure woke everyone up. It was an eye-opener.”

Strong shaking had been reported throughout many regions within a five mile radius of Los Angeles.  The shaking was so strong that it woke people up and it was the largest shaking since a few years back in LA when another earthquake had hit.