Family Tries to Travel Around World With Young Children

Critics Question the Parenting Decisions Made by Kaufmans After Infant Daughter Falls Ill on Trip

A family of four sets out on a trip around the world seems normal. However, two of the family members are babies and cannot fend for themselves.

The Kaufmans, along with Lyra, a 1-year-old, and 3-year-old Cora, were two weeks into a journey bound for the South Pacific islands and eventually New Zealand.  They were traveling in a rather small sail boat that was supposed to carry all four passengers on an amazing journey. The boat is owned by a San Diego couple, Charlotte and Eric Kaufman, whose daughter, Lyra, had developed a fever and a rash covering most of her body and wasn’t responding to medications.

The 36-foot sailboat was about 900 miles off the Mexican coast when it sent a satellite ping for help to the U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday about Lyra, who was extremely sick. The Kaufman’s boat, which had broken down for an unknown reason, was stranded in the middle of the ocean. The California Air National Guard dispatched a team of rescuers, who parachuted into the water and reached the disabled vessel. The team was able to stabilize the girl and pointed the sailboat toward Mexico, though officials didn’t immediately release what was wrong with the vessel.

This story has gone viral and caused an uproar from some people while from others, respect is given to this family. It was brave of them to take their children out to see the world; however, they are so young that they will not remember it.

Also, how are the parents expected to raise two children when two people are needed to steer the boat. The situation just does not add up. Not to mention this journey is extremely dangerous, but it is also very exhausting. Though the Kaufman’s were prepared with supplies, they were not prepared with the journey ahead of them.