Fifteen Year Old Teenager Suing Obama Administration Over Climate Change

Fifteen Year Old Teenager Suing Obama Administration Over Climate Change

Since he was a boy, Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh (inspired by Aztec traditions) was a climate activist looking for a way to positively impact the world.

Now with what may be the most important Climate Change Summit ever being held in Paris (COP21), he is making himself known.

The young Colorado hip-hop artist, along with twenty-one other young adults, joined scientist James Hansen in suing the Obama Administration over their continual use of fossil fuels.

Tonatiuh told a CNN reporter at the U.N. Climate Change Summit, “It’s basically a bunch of kids saying your not doing you job. You’re failing, you know. F-minus. We’re holding you accountable for your lack of action.”

With over one hundred and forty world leaders and reporters at the Summit, Tonatiuh’s voice will be heard and has become very influential. He told the same reporter that, “he’s in the generation with the most to lose.”

President Obama gave a very anticipated speech at the conference saying, “I’ve come here personally as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second-largest emitter, to say that the United States not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it.”

He went on to further say, “Over the last seven years, we’ve made ambitious investments in clean energy and ambitious reductions in our carbon emissions. We’ve multiplied wind-power threefold and solar power more than twentyfold, helping create parts of America where these clean power sources are finally cheaper than dirtier, conventional power. We’ve invested in energy efficiency in every way imaginable. We’ve said no to infrastructure that would pull high-carbon fossil fuels from the ground, and we’ve said yes to the first-ever set of national standards limiting the amount of  carbon pollution our power plants can release into the sky.”

Although the Obama Administration has done many things to ease carbon production, such as a pact with China to reduce carbon emissions in the two leading polluting countries, the push for more efficient cars, and the “cleaning up” of coal fired plants, Tonatiuh still knows it is not enough.

The ambitious teen told CNN, “The reason we are fighting for this is because of the world we want to grow up in, and the world we want our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to grow up in. This is not a selfish cause. We’re not politically invested, we’re not financially invested…we are in this because of the way it affects the state of the planet we want to be left with. That is the most noble cause I’d say: Leaving our children a better planet than the one we living in today. We are doing our part. We need political leaders to step up and do theirs.”

Many leaders and activists want to lower the global climate by two degrees Celsius, and there’s only one way to do this. We must completely “ditch” fossil fuels.

However, if the planet rises two degrees Celsius, scientists and historians say we could see economic instability, warring countries, and food and water insecurity.

Obama finished with, “Let there be no doubt, the next generation is watching what we do. I want our actions to show that we are listening.”