Unlicensed driver kills mother, injures daughters in Utah crash

Smithfield, Utah- Samantha Parkes was killed and her two daughters were injured after a 15-year-old driving in Cache County swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed Saturday afternoon. 

The 15-year old boy, who only had a learner’s permit, crashed and killed a woman named Samantha Parkes at 3:40pm on a Saturday afternoon.  Parkes was 28 years old. Her two daughters who are ages 4 and 7  suffered minor injuries. 

The driver was also injured and flown to a hospital.  The teen boy was the only person that was in his car at this time.  The state of Utah requires all drivers with only a learner’s permit to be accompanied by an adult member from the driver’s immediate family.   That is while driving on a highway, or until the driver reaches the age of 18.  It is uncertain how the teen boy lost control of his car causing him to crash. 

Driving in a car at any time involves risk.  On Tuesday for example, a woman who is believed to have been drunk crashed into a construction site in Bountiful, Utah.  Other risks include, distracted drivers, speeding vehicles, and those who drive at night. All of these situations place people at risk for receiving injury at any point while driving or being a passenger in the car.