Hearing Loss because of Headphones – Can you hear me? 

Hearing loss is a growing problem for people who constantly listen to music through earbuds. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid the damage that earbuds can cause.
Studies show that 1 in 5 American teenagers suffer from hearing loss.  Teenagers especially tend to turn their music volume up very high.  Many people use music to relieve stress, or to help distract themselves from something.  For many, music is an escape and because of this, people turn their music up higher than they should.  Their earbuds are already sitting right inside of their ears, therefore delivering the sound directly into the ear canal.  Now that the music is turned up even higher, there is greater risk for hearing loss.

It is said that individuals should only have their music turned up to 60% for no more than one hour.  A study conducted in Seattle found that 1.1 billion individuals, ages 12 to 35 around the world, are at risk of hearing loss because of these small earbuds.  When one suffers from hearing loss, it can affect a student’s education, social life, and believe it or not, their self-esteem.  Those who suffer from hearing loss can’t recover from it, once it’s gone… it’s gone.

Fortunately, there are solutions to avoiding the destruction that these small figures can cause.  Purchasing a pair of headphones is one of the main solutions.  Headphones sit on top of the head and act as if earmuffs, as opposed to earbuds, which are located inside of the ear and deliver music very closer to the ear canals. Being screened for hearing damage is a beneficial step.  If one is aware of existing damage, they can take steps to protect from further damage.  Lastly, get yourself in the habit of only listening to music at 60% volume.  This is important because when you prevent yourself from turning the music up, you protect your ears from the possibility that the music is too loud.

Take for example, a teenage boy named Josh Musto.  According to an article written by NBC News, Musto plays the guitar for two bands, and in addition, he constantly listens to music through earbuds.  In result, Musto experiences constant ringing in his ears.  Fortunately, after seeing a doctor, Musto decided to give up earbuds.  Although he still participates with two bands, Musto only wears headphones that reach over top of his ears, preventing the music from blasting in his eardrums.

Without the ability to hear, think of how different life would be. Without the ability to hear, it would be very difficult for Musto to play guitar in not only one band but two.  The ability to hear sound, music, and people is a beautiful privilege.  Unfortunately, it can be seriously damaged because of a small white cord that is widely considered a life saver.