Meghan Kelly was never fired from Fox News for supporting Clinton

In August, Facebook released a story stating that Meghan Kelly, a news anchor for Fox News, was fired for endorsing Clinton. Trump attacked Megyn Kelly after her debate questions against him.  One can only assume that Megyn would later side with Clinton, but the story seen by many was false.  

According to, a version of the fake story was seen by at least 724,000 people.  Fake information that was presented in the news story included, that she was fired by Fox News, and that she supported Clinton.  To begin, Megyn Kelly worked as a news anchor for Fox News and was never fired by the channel.  Secondly, people can’t assume that just because Megyn Kelly was attacked by Trump, that she later would support Clinton. 

These two points that were stated in the story were false, and used to draw attention.  Many assumptions are made on social media when a story about a well-known person is made.  There are many supporters of Megyn Kelly, as well as those who disagree with her.  

Real information from the story would be that Megyn Kelly did work for Fox News.  Later, she decided to work for channel NBC.  That decision was hers, and not forced by Fox News.  Kelly stated that the biggest factor in her decision was that the new schedule allowed her to spend the most time with her children.  With working at Fox News, she wasn’t able to be with her children during the night because that was when her show was airing.  She then switched over to NBC, which would allow her schedule to be more flexible.  Megyn Kelly had worked as a news anchor for Fox News for twelve years before she decided to resign and work at NBC.