Fear-stricken children suffer deportation

A raging 20 million American children are being forced to leave their home because of their illegal immigrant parents. Thousands of them are protesting this and arguing their American citizenship.  

Known by President Trump as “anchor babies”, these children are legal American citizens, as they were born in the United States. The President wants to deport all of these kids, but his decision is sparking controversy with the 18-year old kids. As they are officially legal, these kids have the right to stay in the U.S., despite the deportation of their parents.  

There have been many protests against this ban on children. In Arizona, hundreds of people planned to block a road that was believed to be transporting juvenile immigrants. The local police asked them to move, but the local sheriff was not given much information on this operation, making it hard for them to force people out. Arizona is not the only place that protests have occurred. In Boston, Massachusetts, many people rallied together to protest the deportation of children to dangerous and crime-filled places. Mayor Marty Walsh in Boston claimed to provide a sanctuary for these children, however, they are still getting continuously deported. In January or 2018, hundreds of Massachusetts inhabitants protested the deportation of kids.  

Many people are looking to the President to help with this issue, but the President has been mostly quiet about the adult deportation and child deportation. Although, he is reported to have been trying to continue or speed up this process.