Seneca Valley Middle School may undergo name change

Proposed name would honor SV graduate killed in Afghanistan. 

On February 12th, the Seneca Valley school board will make an important, lasting decision. The topic at hand: the possibility of renaming Seneca Valley Middle School in honor of Sgt. Ryan A. Gloyer, who was killed in Afghanistan in November 2016.

Gloyer, a Seneca Valley graduate, and he died while saving his comrades from an exploding grenade during Operation Freedom Sentinel. Aside from dying courageously, Ryan Gloyer is remembered as being a wonderful person. He was a successful student, a soccer player, and on the track team. He was also involved in District Chorus and multiple school musicals. He loved making people laugh and had a lovable personality. He graduated SV in 2000, went to college, and then enlisted in the military with the hopes of becoming a Green Beret. Throughout his service, Ryan earned multiple awards, eventually becoming a Green Beret and a sergeant, the role held when he was killed. Richard Gloyer, Ryan’s father, was the leading force behind the idea to honor him within the district. Several Seneca Valley students have proposed recognizing this exceptional person by renaming the SV Middle School “Sgt. Ryan A. Gloyer Middle School”.

Over the past few weeks, student advocates for the renaming have visited classrooms on the secondary campus, talking about Gloyer and urging students to attend the school board meeting. Many SV sports teams will be attending the session and showing support for the renaming proposal, hoping to persuade board members to vote in favor of the idea. If approved, the renaming process would likely take a couple years due to legal procedures. The decisive meeting is February 12th at 6pm. All students and families are encouraged to attend and show their support.