Skeletal remains found under Mexico City street

Very few places have as much tangible historic evidence as Mexico City. The city was no stranger to finding ruins or tombs, however seeing ten skeletons interlocked was quite surprising. Archeologists are calling it a “most peculiar finding”. this is due to the fact that the bodies appear to have been arranged or disfigured to fit in a spiral form. Buried in a six foot (two meters) grave, they have been hidden by a city street for hundreds of years.

The ten individuals skeletons that we found consisted of both men and woman that were relatively young. The grave also contained one infant and one toddler. Researchers noticed definite intentional body modification, as well as skull adaptation.

The reasoning for the grave and formation is still unclear. Archeologists believe it to be some type of ritual. the bodies are arranged in a way to resemble the stages of life. The odd arrangement of how the bodies are formed has never been seen before. The way they are placed to fit together in a spiral formation.

The village of Tlalpan, where the bodies came from was one of the very first documented civilizations in its area. From this civilization many more were brought up. The Cuicuilco Tribe that was built to the east of Tlalpan was the largest of these and is well known for its humongous pyramids. These pyramids were also tributes to their gods.

Though the death and reasoning is unapparent at the moment, this burial will be a great learning source for archeologists.