Korean War World’s longest war, finally over

The Korean War is to this day one of America’s most unknown wars. The war has been in a stagnant stalemate since the 50s but a treaty to end the war is in the near future. The two Korean leaders met in April 2018 for the first time since the split of the country to discuss peace terms. It would be a major success for the Korean Peninsula if these terms are met.
The Korean War is known by some as a “conflict” and not a war. This is because the United States Congress never officially declared war on North Korea but there were soldiers there anyway. The US involvement on the Korean Peninsula was due to the threat of communism and the belief of the domino theory, if one country falls to communism, then the surrounding countries will fall as well. When the fighting came to an end, there was never a treaty to end the war until now. Both leaders of North and South Korea have recently met together, on April 27th 2018, to agree to terms on ending the war.
Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, and Moon Jae-in, the South Korean leader, met in South Korea for the first time ever and discussed the possibility of a peace treaty. This could be a huge step in maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula and creating new allies in the process. One of the promises North Korea made was to dismantle their nuclear program if the peace treaty was signed. The denuclearization of the Korean peninsula would be a massive success for the United States and South Korea.
The Korean War was fought back in the 1950s and it is astounding that the war has not officially ended and still technically hasn’t. There has been a lot of tension between the Koreas because of how different their governments are but it looks like times are changing. If the region remains at peace with each other, then the threat of nuclear war will be drastically reduced.