Deadly volcano erupts in Hawaii

The Kilauea volcano located in a small island with five volcanos that together form the place known as Hawai’I, found in the southern islands of Hawaii spewed lava at a ferocious rate last week, damaging around 35 buildings and homes. Although the eruption was not necessarily unexpected, when the lava’s destruction will come to an end does remain to be seen.  

Reports came in of an evacuation early morning last week as the volcano began shooting out lava, damaging the surrounding area of about the size of 75 football fields, reports news sources. 

The Kilauea volcano has been a threat to the Hawaiian island it has been a part of for almost 30 years, erupting at unannounced times, causing evacuations and chaos. This time around, scientists believe that the cause was either a build-up of magma at the bottom of the volcano, or something out of the ordinary blocking the flow of the lava.   

Scientists who usually study the effects of volcanos in Hawaii that were studying the eruption claim there could be no end in sight, as hot lava has been and will continue to, flow through the small town This will eventually cause more damage to the community. This is due to the fact that the problem is deep inside the volcano, and because lava is shooting out, they aren’t able to go down, and see what exactly the problem is, to try and fix it for the town.  

After the first molten rock explosion, around 13 fissures opened-up around the volcano — two of them opening this past Monday — causing more damage to the community.  

While around 1,700 people had to evacuate and scatter to find safe shelter, the majority of home owners that reside on the island have no plan to leave their home in this time of crisis, claiming it’s their home, never wanting to abandon it.  

The last explosion took place in 2015, causing a similar evacuation. While this did cause some damage, citizens returned, and life resumed. 

While chaos is still ensuing, the people are safe, and planning a full recovery and clean up for the town, expecting to begin the day they get the call to return. While the eruptions are a set-back, it certainly isn’t the end of the small town in Hawaii.