Are kids too addicted to technology?


The obvious answer is yes, kids in this day and age are practically addicted to technology. They are overly dependent on it, and cannot function without the presence of technology.

In past generations, people did not have an iPhone or a tablet to rely on. They had to do everything by hand and without the Internet.  This created a good work ethic that helped people succeed in life. This well-structured work ethic, that was so valued back in the day, is now absent from society. It was crushed by the power of technology.

Most kids today cannot even walk out of the house without some sort of device with them. They have their whole lives on their phones and do not take a second to realize what is going on in the world around them. They are too worried about what battery percentage their phone is at. Technology distracts kids from the reality that surrounds them. They are so focused on a little box that lights up that they cannot appreciate the life they have.

Technology has lowered the independence of kids since they can do anything with the click of a button. Yes, technology is pretty great, but not when kids are glued to a screen 24/7. Technology is extremely helpful yet easily addictive, and the best of people rely on their phones too much, not just kids. It can be helpful in any situation from work, to school, or even just playing a game; technology is an all-around helpful tool.

However, technology is very distracting and a huge time consumer. So much time is wasted while using different devices; time that could have been used for something actually productive. And the hardest part of dealing with technology is it cannot simply be put down or ignored. It calls to everyone in different ways, and people give in too easily.

No matter the person, young or old, technology affects everyone, not just kids. It is just mainly the youth because they are growing up in a very technologically-based society, so kids do not have a better choice than to keep up with the latest gadgets.

Technology is not a bad thing at all, it keeps the world turning, but because of its addictive aspect, some view it as a bad advancement in society. But overall, kids in today’s society are overly addicted to technology and rely too much on it.