Legalizing Marijuana: Good or Bad?

The idea of legalizing marijuana in many states is spreading across the nation. Many are eager to legally use and possess marijuana without punishment. What most do not realize are the consequences that follow.

Already there are two states that have legalized marijuana, Colorado and Washington, with more states more apt to follow. Since two states have already legalized the drug, it will not take long for the others to follow suit. However, the legalization process is not going to happen overnight. It takes some time for all the government officials to pass the law.

Marijuana is not just a popular demanded plant, but it is a gateway drug. This means once marijuana is put into the body, the body has a craving for more harmful drugs. Yes, marijuana is a “natural” drug, and it comes from the Earth, but nonetheless it is still a drug that can lead to destruction. Once drugs are experimented with, it is hard to go back with a life without them.

The government should not be exposing the American people to marijuana, at least not legally and without consequences. This is just leading people down a terrible path that they will not be able to fix. Though it will still be around, the government should not allow for marijuana to be sold freely and with no punishment. Marijuana is a drug. Drugs harm people and may lead to death. The selling of marijuana should be kept to a minimum, to reduce the risk of harming citizens.

Though the consequences of taking the drug are horrible, it will bring in a huge amount of money to the government. It is estimated that $6o million in tax revenue will be brought in to the state of Colorado, and for Washington, $500 million in tax revenue. Since marijuana is in such high demand, the prices are lowered to entice customers. Legalizing marijuana may create more jobs for people who have experience with the drug and increase the revenue. Therefore, on the economic side, legalizing marijuana would not harm the economy. It would most likely boost the economy.

Previously, marijuana was restricted and it was not legal to sell and possess. Back then, people were more prone to sneaking around and buy some weed only because it was illegal. Now that it is legalized, more people may not sneak around and sell it since they can legally buy it at a store. So, by legalizing marijuana, that may lower the amount of illegal sellers and buyers. In this case they would be buying it from the government, bringing in more money to them.

In conclusion, marijuana is a drug and it can be harmful. However, the economic stand point of the situation is promising. No one knows what the future may hold; marijuana may become a legal, nationwide drug, or it will fade back into the shadows as if it never existed.