Same-Sex Marriage Ban in PA Declared Unconstitutional

In a court decision on Tuesday, a Pennsylvania federal judge declared the same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

This is not the first time this has happened in the past few weeks.  Other states, such as Oregon, have made the same decision.  This controversy, as one might expect, has sparked debate over what is right and what is wrong.  Many are against it, many are for it and many simply do not care.

“I am proud of Pennsylvania because everyone deserves to marry the one they love,” said Seneca Valley sophomore Lindsey Laurune.

Many more people have been infuriated by the decision, with the general belief that marriage is to be between a man and a woman and that is it.  Some, like sophomore Ben Rogers, haven’t really picked a side.  “I don’t know,” said Rogers.  “I don’t really care.”

I have a few opinions myself about the decision.  We live in a nation that is supposedly secularized and many people said that gay marriage should be illegal because of the violation of the Bible.  If we live in a secularized country, then why would faith have any impact on a government decision?  In my eyes, this isn’t just about gays getting married, it’s more than that.  These are people that physically are no different than any other human being.  Is there any real justification in saying that two men in a relationship shouldn’t receive the same benefits as a single man?  Well, if you look at the word “couple”, it kind of ousts the entire meaning of  “single”.

Another thing about this argument that just makes my skin tingle is how little it affects most people’s lives.  If a gay man were to marry another gay man right now, would I drop dead?  Would it affect my health?  Would I go broke?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consult a psychiatrist.  People reading this might, no willcall me a liberal.  Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.  What I do know is that this decision has been made far too late.  Why get so angry over this decision when there are so many other issues that actually pertain to your life.

We need to fix the Veterans’ Affairs fiasco, improve education, create more jobs, but what are we all most worried about?  Who is marrying who, that’s what people think is so infuriating.  Who’s marrying who.

Pennsylvania, you are far from perfect, but you did this one right.