Children watching extremely violent programs

The behavior changes in children after watching extremely violent shows and movies.

Many children in the U.S. are constantly watching extremely violent shows, along with movies.  This can cause drastic behavior changes within that child.  The child will become more aggressive towards the society around them, and less sensitive to the pain of others.

Children watch television shows while eating meals, or to help distract from an illness.  At the very least, to help them settle down for bed.  Studies show that children watch on an average of three to four hours of television every day.  For someone with three siblings around the house, the television is on frequently, and much violence is shown.  According to, 60% of all television shows that children watch contain/show some form of violence.

If children are constantly watching television shows, they are also viewing some type of violence.  Not all television shows contain violence, but most do.  Being accustomed to such violence regularly, is going to have some effect on the brain.  Many suffer from drastic behavior changes, such as showing more violence towards others around them.  Children start to think violence is the way to solve the issues/problems that they have in their life.

With this, they cause harm toward the individuals around them.  Not to mention that it is hard on the parent(s) to be able to control his or her child when their boy or girl is hitting and pushing others.  These television shows are promoting horrible behavior, and if not stopped soon, many children will grow up to be very violent.  Children who are young don’t know how to separate what in a television show is real or not real and because of this, they grow up to believe that it is right to result to violence in an argument.

A study conducted by George Gerbner at the University of Pennsylvania states that there are 20 violent acts shown each hour on a television show.  These violent shows and movies are also causing many children to become less sensitive to the pain of others around them.  When constantly viewing these horrible programs, a child’s eyes witness many characters in constant pain and suffering.

When viewing this sort of behavior, kids don’t feel the need help others who are hurt around them, because to them, nothing is wrong.  Violence is the last thing that the world needs.  One violent movie that is widely watched by young and old is the Avengers.  Yet this one movie has the ability to bring about horrible violence in our world.  With all that takes place, kids need to learn at a young age that helping others is always the right thing to do.

The violent behavior resulting from television shows and movies needs to end.  These violent shows and movies are clearly a bad influence on children.  They might be the best selling shows in this day and age, but what is it worth if it will cause children to grow up, always knowing that violence is the answer? If something doesn’t change, our future generations are truly in danger.  These violent television shows need to stop being shown and viewed by young children.