Could you survive being a student?

Let’s say that you’re a parent and want to make sure your child is home from school safe and sound. What’s the best way to figure that out? With a cellphone. Something that has become so advanced over the years, it’s basically like a mini-computer that can fit into your pocket.

According to USA Today, seventy three percent of teachers said that their students do use technology in a positive way in the classroom. Having a phone in school can help in so many ways. Students should be able to have their phones in school for multiple reasons. One of these reasons would be that it can help teach great respect and responsibility. Also, it can be used in the classroom for many different activities.  

One example of an activity that phones are used for in the classroom would be Kahoot. Kahoot is a site that can help teachers and students put together a quiz to see how well they will do on the test. Besides the funny names you can put for yourself if you so wish, this is actually a great tool to see how prepared a student is. For the 24% of schools that ban phones all together, says The Journal, students may have a harder time comprehending some concepts in the classroom.

I know that it has saved me in a situation where I thought I was more prepared than I actually was. Even if the student feels prepared, they may not be as prepared as they think, and this website can help greatly with figuring that out.  If the student does not have a phone they cannot participate in this super fun activity. Also, Kahoot has some super cool music that plays along with it, so added bonus right there. 

Students know that they should not be using their phones to listen to the new Eminem album that just dropped or play Clash of Clans with each other in school. According to a website called, there are forty eight percent of students who use their phones to warn each other about a quiz/test that they just took, but not all of them do. If the student does not follow through with texting their friend, and maybe just let them fail a test for not being prepared, that is teaching respect not only for themselves, but also, for others. The one thing that students most often forget is that respect is earned not just given.

Being nice to a teacher or holding the door open are examples of respect. If they chose to follow the rule that phones are only to be used as an educational learning tool, that right there teaches them responsibility. If a teacher is talking a student should never pull out their phone in class. Yes, the new Snapchat filters may be exciting, but showing your friend what you look like throwing up a rainbow can wait until after the bell rings.  

What’s a better way to let your children learn respect other than giving them a phone and having them know what is right from wrong? Also, the fact that phones are used a lot in the classroom for either fun challenging games like Kahoot, or they could be used to look up information for a paper that the student must write. If you want your child to succeed in school, one of the best ways to make that happen would to get your student a cellphone.