Welcome to the Intermediate High School, Mrs. Perry.

Welcome to the Intermediate High School, Mrs. Perry.

As the new school year starts off at the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School (IHS), a lot of new faces enter the building, such as our new principal, Mrs. Jodie Perry.

Mrs. Perry has filled Mr. Cumo’s position as he retired at the end of last year. It is sad to say goodbye, but the IHS is starting a new chapter. Before she became the new Intermediate High School principal, Perry was the Vice Principal for the Senior High School. The Intermediate High School is very pleased to have her as the newest member of their team.

She is also very excited to be joining the staff; she even said,” the most enjoyable thing about the Intermediate High School building would  have to be people and the staff, they are just incredible!”

It is a big change going from vice principal to principal, now she is the leader of our school. And as a leader her goal is to lead the school and students onto a good academic path. She says,” that as a principal it is very important to have a good team.” She wants to focus on “student academic achievements” and hopes to incorporate “more opportunities for the students to learn.”  Each school year Seneca Valley receives more and more students, and it is very important to have enough opportunities for all the students. Mrs.Perry is working very hard to achieve this goal.

I asked her if she has always dreamed of being a principal and she said, ” Yes, I feel that it has always been in me. As I see my daughter going to pre-school this year, I remember being a little girl and coming home from school and mimicking my teachers. I would draw on my little chalk board in my room.”

Mrs.Perry is set to do great things for the Intermediate High school. Seneca Valley can always keep improving and I feel that she will be very helpful to accomplish the task. The IHS welcomes Mrs. Perry and cant wait to see all the great things she will do.