A look inside a Puggle’s extremely outgoing personality

A puggle is a mixed breed between a beagle and a pug. When separate, they’re known to be highly demanding with extremely outgoing personalities. When mixed together — double that — and you get the puggle. Today, readers will get a look inside the life of one specific puggle named Daysie, who over the last 9 years of her life, has gone about her everyday activities to an extraordinary manner. 

This up close and personal photo shows Daysie holding a Halloween decoration to bargain for a treat last year. This shows that she will steal household items to ensure she gets what she wants.

In this first photo, Daysie can be seen holding a Halloween decoration. When she wants the attention of her owners, it’s to notify them she wants more food, water, or a treat. Daysie will usually snag items from around the house to bargain, and not let go until she gets what she wants. Most dogs steal shoes in exchange for treats, but Daysie will grab anything accessible to her, whether that be two shoes, ornaments, dish towels, articles of clothing, or pieces of paper. If she can reach it, she will steal it. 


Daysie sleeping soundly on her bean bag a couple months ago. She never wants to be disturbed when she is sleeping or playing, or doing any activity, because she goes into things very goal-oriented and stubborn.

In the second photo, Daysie can be seen sleeping on a bean bag. While at first glance this doesn’t seem to exhibit her extremeness, you can tell Daysie is completely asleep, not to be disturbed. When she’s asleep, she’s knocked out. She’ll sleep for hours and hours in the middle of the day, refusing to be awoken. Most dogs will immediately get up when they’re offered something new to do, but Daysie will always stay put, focusing on her rest.  

Daysie three years ago sitting on top of the kitchen table. This shows she will do out of the ordinary things such as sit in weird places, to garner the attention from her owners to get what she wants.

In the third photo, Daysie is sitting on top of the kitchen table staring into the eyes of the camera. Daysie will go to extreme lengths yet again to receive the attention of her owners to get what she wants. She’ll jump up high onto tables and couches, run around at a very fast speed and bark at random times, as well as scratch doors excessively with her paw.  

Throughout her 9 years of life thus far, Daysie has always taken everything she’s done to extreme measures, but it’s just a part of her loving personality. Her stubborn mentality and constant need for attention make her a part of her unique breed, the puggle. While the puggle can be this way because of their mix, the puggle is also an amazing and loving pet, ensuring a happy life for their pet owners for years to come.