Apple releases all-new iPhone X

On November 3rd, Apple’s newest creation of technology, the iPhone X (ten), will be for sale nationwide. The phone was first announced on September 21st and has taken the world by storm. New levels of technology have been reached in this smartphone. From the OLED screen and dual cameras with portrait lighting, to Face ID and wireless charging, this phone has broken the barriers of smartphone technology. 

The all new design on the iPhone X has allowed for the phone to become the most technologically advanced phone. The phone’s design has a full front screen, which means no home buttons. How are you going to open your phone you may ask. Apple has come out with an all new feature called Face ID, where a camera scans your facial features and allows you in the phone if you are the person who owns the phone. This new feature has causes some controversy with some people. Some say this is a very risky feature. What if someone needs to get in your phone? Couldn’t they just hold up a picture of you to the camera, and get it? This theory won’t be able to be tested until the phone comes out, but the new feature has definitely spiked some controversy and fear in the technology world. 

Other new features include the new portrait lighting with the all new front dual cameras. This feature will help you add a new depth to photos with new lighting filters, such as Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage light, and Stage Light Mono. The new dual front facing cameras and facial recognition has allowed for another new feature called Animoji to come to life. The cameras capture your facial movement, and the emoji will copy it. 

One of the biggest and newest features is wireless charging. This is the first time Apple has released a phone with wireless charging. Apple will be releasing a charging pad after the new year, but for now you will have to use a pad produced by another company.   

There are a lot of great features that come with the phone, but it costs a whopping $1,000! There are only two storage models, a 64G and 256G. The 256G phone costs a steep $1,200, which raises the question of, is it really worth it?  

The phone is definitely more technologically advanced than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, but what if you like simple technology? Well if you like simple, this phone if definitely not for you. Without a home button, this phone will be a little more difficult to navigate and use. The new feature Face ID also raises question of the safety of your identity. Your phone will literally have a scan of your face. What happens if you lose your phone and someone holds a picture of you up to the scanner. Then they can access all of your accounts and even in some cases, your bank accounts. This is one of the features that is turning some people away and causing people to be worried about the new feature and its reliability. The new camera features like portrait mode and portrait lighting are what is pulling people in. This feature will allow you to take professional grade pictures without having to buy a $5,000 camera, which is one positive thing about the phone. 

Apple’s new technology can either sway you towards or away from the phone, depending on if you like simple tech or advanced tech, but, at the end of the day, making the decision to purchase that phone is plain and simple, with the only question being, do you really want to pay $1,200 for a phone that you will most likely end up replacing in 1-2 years?