Homecoming-Was it a Success?

On Saturday, October 12, the students of Seneca Valley crowded into the Intermediate High School to experience the fall themed homecoming.

After weeks of preparation, the excitement was finally lived.  Everyone danced in the gymnasium from 7-10 PM, and there were drinks and snacks in the cafeteria where everyone kept their belongings and mingled if they weren’t dancing.

There were varieties of different fashion, from high low dresses, to puffy dresses, to tight dresses.  The boys however, with  limited fashion, wore neckties or bow ties to enhance their suits.

When asked if he had fun, Brenden Celender said that this dance was better than last year’s.  “There were glow sticks that everyone was throwing around and the music was decent.”

Compared to last year’s Candy Land theme, this year’s “Autumn’s Eve” theme was a success.  Many people said they had a lot of fun.

The DJ of the dance was 11th grader Matt Prigg.  He played a variety of different songs from the “Cha Cha Slide” to “Wake Me Up” by Avicii.  Everyone danced along to ‘The Cupid Shuffle”, and the “Cha Cha Slide”.

At the Senior High, there was mostly country music played, and many people did not know all of the songs.

Student Council spent about a month planning everything for homecoming and in many people’s opinions, homecoming was a success.  Everyone cleaned up nicely and they looked like they were having fun.