Mr. Flood Talks About Toys For Tots


Each year, Seneca Valley students donate new, unwrapped toys to the school to help children in need have the Christmas they have always dreamed of.

Mr. Flood, the 7th and 8th grade health teacher for the Cougars and Falcons teams, is in charge  of the Toys for Tots program.  He and Mr. Wendereusz both help contribute to this program and encourage students to get involved with donating.

Seneca has been donating toys for about 10 years now, and each year they keep raising the bar of the amount of donations they hope to receive.  This year, the goal was to meet 1,500 toys, but the school has fell short about a few hundred toys.

Mr. Flood shares his most memorable story of a student who donated about 100 toys, herself!  “We have had numerous students bring in lots of toys over the years, but the one that stands out in my mind would be Jane Vandrak, who a few years ago, had a birthday and instead of having presents, had friends and family donate toys to Toys for Tots.  She had over 100 toys herself!!!  It was amazing and it is things like that, that make you smile and realize it is worth doing it.  Some students really do see the BIG picture and realize what it is all about!!!!”

This year, the Middle school collected the most donations. The Cougars team really pushes people to make donations.  When asked how he encourages people to donate, Mr. Flood explained, “Along with the “Stuff the Bus” Campaign we use Homeroom competitions for the most toys, with the winners receiving a breakfast.  We announce it and have videos every day.  This year we had a collection at the Varsity football game, sent emails home, and had a final toy drive day in which our principals Ms. Peck and Mr. Wendereusz had whipped cream pies thrown at them for students who brought in a toy on the last day of the drive.  Students lined up, donated a toy, and got to throw a pie at the principal. It went very well and the students loved it!!!”

Mr. Flood’s goal is to  “always to support the Marines and help those less fortunate than us.  No child should have to wake up on Christmas morning without something to open.  Even if you can’t help everyone, at least it makes you feel good knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life, and that is what it is all about.”