Last Ski Trip Wraps Up the Year

As we all know winter is slowly coming to end as is the Seneca Valley Ski Club.

On March 7, 2014 Seneca Valley Ski club will be going on their last ski club trip to Seven Springs. I got a chance to interview Lindsey Laurune, a Ski club member. Miss Laurune said that she enjoyed ski club tremendously, and will definitely join ski club again next year.

Ski club got a chance to go to many ski resorts such as Holiday Valley and Seven Springs. They also took a trip to Hidden Valley one Monday to help out with the Special Olympics.

Miss Laurune said that her favorite trip was Holiday Valley because the resort is beautiful and they have very good trails. She also said that the atmosphere is gorgeous  and they have a lot to offer, such as terrain parks and jumps for tricks.

Holiday Valley is a beautiful resort that is placed in the mountains of New York. The trips to Holiday Valley are always on Saturdays because it is about a three hour drive, where as Seven Springs is about an hour and a half. Most resorts offer classes for the first timers which can be really helpful so you’re not on your own.

Miss Johnston said, “We had so much fun on all the ski club trips, I will definitely look back on my high school years and remember all the good memories we mad on those trip!” Ski club is a great way to make new friends and get involved in school activities. If you do not know how to ski or snowboard it is the perfect opportunity  to learn. 

Ski club cost around $50 to join which is for transportation. If you don’t have the money to join they also offer fund raisers so that anybody can join. So next year when you’re stuck in the winter blues, I suggest you sign up for ski club. It is not only a lot of fun and very enjoyable but also helps you get involved in school activities.