Apple Trumps Coca-Cola as World’s Most Valuable Brand


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Apple surpasses Coke as the country’s most valuable company.

Popular soda making company falls back to third place behind the technological minds of Apple who surpasses all. Apple is currently at the top of the leader board for most valuable company.

As of September 30, Apple gained the title of world’s most valuable company. Finally, after 13 years at the top, Coca-Cola falls and lets Apple make its grand entrance that has had plenty news attention.

The media plays a huge role in Apple’s success. Without constant updates on everything Apple does, how would the world know what was to come? The media attention has gotten Apple an ample amount of publicity, which led them to gain more income.

America’s favorite soda company had its 15 minutes of fame, or 13 years of it, but now is the right time for the leading technological company to have its rightful share.

People in today’s day and age get bored of the same routine, day after day. Apple knows that and uses it to their advantage. The company comes out with a new phone or device each year adding new exciting features and fixing the annoying old bugs.

Also, when a new Apple product is released, that is all that is talked about. Everywhere there is buzz about the new and improved model and the excitement can be felt through the air.

With the Coca-Cola company, this buzz is non-existent. It is doubtful that anyone knows when the last new product of Coca-Cola’s was released. That is the difference between the two companies. Apple knows how to get more income and please people, but Coca-Cola only knows how to make people happy, which does not bring as much profit into account.

Apple’s value has continued to rise, soaring 28 per cent in a year to reach $98.3 billion. Google’s brand is worth $93.3 billion, up 34 per cent on last year, and leaving Coca-Cola in third place worth $79.2 billion.

Even though Coca-Cola has been around longer does not mean they are the biggest income company. The society today is technology based and the people living here need to be given their fair share. Apple gives the people what they need and want, which is why they are the most valuable company.

People today are willing to pay a ridiculously high price just to have social status and to “fit in” to this harsh world. Anything that they can do to reach their goal of having the most up-to-date technology, people will go to the ends of the earth to get it.