Boston Is Still Strong One Year After The Bombings

Boston Is Still Strong One Year After The Bombings

Boston proves its strength a year after the Boston bombings, as the 118th Boston Marathon takes place.

Thousands of runners lined up at the starting line to partake in the annual Boston Marathon.  The security has been heightened due to the horrific bombings that killed three innocent people and injured 260 others. A higher police presence, runners using clear plastic bags for their belongings, and fans near the finish line being encouraged to leave strollers and backpacks behind are just a few of the tightened security measures.

For the 118th edition of the world’s oldest annual marathon, security along the course was tighter than ever.

‘There’ll be considerably more police presence,’ Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday.

‘But we also don’t want to have it, you know, kind of a race through a militarized zone. So it’s about striking a balance, and I think we have struck that balance.’

More than 100 cameras have been installed along the route in Boston, and 50 or so ‘observation points’ will be set up around the finish line ‘to monitor the crowd,’ the Boston Athletic Association said.

When a tragedy like this occurs, people must overcome the problem and not let it bring them down. The reason that these events happen are unknown but the best people can do is use history as an example and to not let it happen again. The saying “history repeats itself” remains true; however humans must use history as a tool to better prepare themselves for the future.  This is being accomplished by the numerous reforms to the security measures.

The Boston Marathon bombing was a tragic terroristic event, the worst one since 9/11. However, heroes show themselves through their actions when hostile events like these occur and they are remembered. In times of depression, people need to conquer the evil and rise above.