Catfish On The Prowl

Catfish On The Prowl

A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they are not through social media. Catfish do this in order to lure someone into an online relationship.

Catfish the TV show on MTV is hosted by Nev Shulman and Max Joseph. This is a reality TV show in which people who think they are being catfished reach out to Nev and Max and ask for their help. Using technology and advanced sleuthing skills, Nev and Max are able to assist the victim by revealing the catfish’s real identity.

Both men and woman catfish; there is not one gender that does it more than the other. There is not one reason as to why they do it, but it all revolves around insecurity. Everyone just wants to be loved and wanted and some people accomplish this by changing their image to do this. Being behind a screen takes away the awkward face-to-face conversations, and true personalities are revealed.

In the show Catfish, there is a wide range of people and reasons. Some people just want a relationship out of it, while others are more manipulative. The majority of people are the ones that just want a relationship; they are often insecure and do not mean to hurt anyone. However, some catfish bite back. In a couple episodes, the catfish are bullies, asking for money or using pictures against their victims.

It is not only the content of the show that keeps audiences interested. Nev and Max have an unbreakable bond and are the model best friends. They look as if there is no place they would rather be than helping people find their mysterious lover.

The show depicts how real and scary online dating can be. In most cases, couples end up not getting together. Thus, the relationship ends in heartbreak. However, on rare occasions, couples do keep in contact and think about pursuing a relationship.

Catfish has a certain aspect to it that is so addicting to watchers. So much suspense is packed into one episode leaving the audience hungry for more Catfish.