Kansas City Royals looking very powerful in this Year’s World Series

Kansas City Royals looking very powerful in this Years World Series

With a 7-1 win last night, the Royals take a surprising two to nothing lead in this year’s World Series and pretty much the entire postseason.

The only pitcher seemingly able to stop them was Madison Bumgarner of the San Fransisco Giants, but he’s not in the World Series. They crushed the Houston Astros, the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t have an answer either, and now the Mets send out arguably two of the best pitchers in the game in Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom and the Royals defeated the Mets in the first two games with almost no issues.

It’s the first time in the team’s history to be up two games in the World Series and if they win two more they’ll be taking back the championship to Kansas City for the first time in three decades.

Lorenzo Cain, center fielder for the Royals told ESPN, “We’re relentless. Deep. Aggressive. All of the above, man, I love our lineup.”

The Mets pitching staff started the Series with a sixty-nine strikeout to eighteen walk ratio. Now after two games that same ratio has dropped to four strikeouts/five walks. AND that’s against two of the greatest pitchers in the game.

In the first game Matt Harvey pitched thirty fastballs and only two were swing-and-misses by the Royals. The next day, deGrom threw fifty-four and the Royals missed none.

It’s not like the Mets are playing a really bad game, the Royals are just playing really, really good. Before the series Harvey was getting strikes on 37.2% of his pitches but after one game, it’s dropped to 17.2%. Also, against the Dodgers and Cubs, deGrom’s was 36.5%. Wednesday he threw ninety-four pitches and got three swings-and-misses; that is six percent. As an entire pitching staff the rate was 31.7%, now it’s 15.4%.

Head hitting coach, David Sveum said, “when we get to crunch time, we can’t strike out because we’re not going to walk very much. It’s a mindset, and to everybody’s credit, everybody buys into it — just to battle and see if we can hit outfield grass with men in scoring position.”

Alcides Escobar of the Royals got himself in a two strike hole on his leading off at bat on Tuesday. With two bad bunts he smacked the third pitch into deep center field, hitting an inside-the-park home run. “Nobody wants to hit with two strikes,” he said. “It’s not easy to hit with two strikes.”

Many people are asking themselves if the Royals are really this good. That will be determined when it is all said and done but historically teams that are down two to zip in the Series go on to lose five out of six times. Will the Mets make an epic comeback of the ages? Or will the Royals demolish their adversaries? Either way, it will surely be exciting.