Holiday Valley Resort offers much to local skiers


Located in Ellicottville, New York, Holiday Valley Resort offers up eleven chair lifts, two surface lifts, and over fifty trails. The fifty-nine year old resort has an elevation of 2250 feet, as well as 290 skiable acres. In total, the resort owns 1,400 acres of land that include lodging, places to eat, and condos.

Average rates for a day pass seventy dollars however there are many package deals you can get if you search hard enough. Also, if you have a season pass at Seven Springs, Holiday Valley will give you fifteen dollars off you ticket.

As for snowfall, they get a yearly average of one-hundred and eighty inches and can cover ninety-five percent of the mountain with their two-hundred and thirty-seven automated snow guns. This season, the resort is on track to meet that yearly average with a current snow accumulation of one-hundred and four inches. Last Saturday, the snow was a little slow but that all depends on when one makes their trip up to New York and the temperatures at the time.

The resort offers up plenty easy of trails for beginners and a good amount of more difficult ones for advanced riders. And if you are into park riding, there are multiple terrain parks where one can hone their tricks and have fun doing so. These parks include multiple barrels, rails, boxes, and jumps; there is even a beginner park for riders looking to try something different.

As for dining, there are multiple cafeterias one can eat at, as well as a few restaurants and food stands. Bringing your own food is also a viable option for those on a budget.

As for Ellicottville itself, the town offers up multiple hotels, restaurants, and ski shops. One of the hottest new restaurants in the area is the Italian restaurant, Villagio.

Holiday Valley also offers ski and snowboard lessons for beginners. Other activities on the mountain include snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snow tubing, and the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster.

However, this year has been a tough year for East Coast ski resorts. This is because, although there may have been a large amount of snowfall, most of it has not been able to stay due to the warm temperatures that seem to appear soon after the storms.

In all, Holiday Valley offers up all the necessities for one looking to get away to the mountains for a weekend, especially when it comes to skiing.