Team dynamic: how it makes a difference in play

How does a team work? A team is people working as one to get a job done. It works when people are in sync and can work together without bumps in the road. In volleyball, the team needs to keep each other positive and not cause issues. But what happens if the team isn’t close or doesn’t get along well? Complete and udder chaos. Team dynamic on and off the court is very important and the game can’t be played well if there isn’t a good dynamic and bond between the players on a team.

Last year, the Pittsburgh Elite 14U Premier team had the dynamic that is needed to succeed when playing. The players, best friends on and off the court, placed second and third in tournaments with over 50 teams playing due to their spot on dynamic and perfect communication on the court.

Teams like this are hard to find and put together. Most of the girls were friends before they were put together to play, but being on a team together only brought them closer. The team’s dynamic was just slight of perfection and the perfect play was just a side effect.

The girls celebrating a tremendous kill by middle hitter, Maddie Teitlow!


After a team huddle, the team returned to the court ready to dominate the next team! The coach of the team had a policy that then girls had to get in a huddle during every time out to build a family feel.
14 Premier visited the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, PA after a big win at a tournament! The team walked 5 miles to get there. This walk functioned as a team building activity.
The team joyously celebrating a game winning kill by outside hitter, Isabella Macfarland. This game won the team a trip to Nationals in Minneapolis!
The team out to dinner in Harrisburg, PA! The girls all enjoy going out to dinner together on tournament weekends!