Alex Smith traded

The QB went to Washington in exchange for CB Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick in 2018 NFL draft.

 Smith,33, made the pro bowl this past year after leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their third playoff berth in four years.  This past season he had a 67.5% completion rate with 26 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions, second lowest in the league among the top 32 quarterbacks (Tyrod Taylor).  The move also comes with a contract extension for Smith.  In addition to the year left on his contract, Smith signed a 4-year, 94-million-dollar contract.  71 million of that is guaranteed.

This trade was done due to the believed readiness of Chiefs 10th overall pick in 2017’s draft Patrick Mahomes.  Although Smith earned a hefty contract, Washington’s pending free agent Kirk Cousins,29, is looking to get paid a larger contract than Smith as he is four years his youth. Cousins signed a franchise tag the past two seasons with Washington.  Cousins threw for 4000 or more yards the past three seasons.  

For what Kansas City received:  Kendall Fuller,22, is a second-year player out of Virginia Tech University.  This year, is where he made it count with four interceptions and fifty-five tackles. He was a starter this past season as well.  The third-round pick will be the number 78 overall pick, which is the fourteenth selection in the third round.  This move is likely to shake up the offseason as it is not often that a starting quarterback such as Cousins, hits the open market