Is Tiger Woods making a comeback this 2018 Season?

Since 2007, PGA player Tiger Woods has been battling many injuries that have affected his play. But in this 2018 season, Tiger has been performing well and many are wondering if he will be a major player this season.

Tiger Woods is a player that will be known as one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has won 14 major championships and 79 PGA Tour victories. These achievements are the second best of all time. But ever since the 2007 season, Woods has suffered with many injuries that have made golfing on the professional level, somewhat out of reach.

Woods has faced many injuries throughout his professional career. The injury that is giving him the most trouble is his back. Tiger has had back issues since the 2014 season. Woods has had 2 surgeries to try and counter the back issues. Woods has also participated in physical therapy after having the surgeries.

The problem with a back injury in the game of golf is a major problem. When swinging a golf club players use the muscles in their back to gain power and speed to add yards on to their shot. This is a major part of golf that a professional golfer needs if they are to be successful. This is why Tiger Woods has had difficulty returning in the past. On the account of this injury being a major injury in the sport.

In late 2017 and even into this 2018 season Woods has been playing very well for a player coming back from two back surgeries. In the Hero World Challenge tournament Woods finished 9th and in the Farmers Insurance open he placed 23rd. This is a good sign that Tiger may be past his injuries and is ready to make his comeback in spectacular form.

In conclusion, this 2018 PGA Tour season is going to be very interesting with Tiger Woods. He is healthy and ready to comeback. The only question left is, how well is he going to play?