LeBron turns on Cleveland… again?

According to ESPN, LeBron James could meet with his rival, the Golden State Warriors during free agency this season.

James, the thirty three year old Akron native, who has spent eleven of his fifteen seasons in Cleveland, is considering joining the Golden State Warriors next season. This is very similar to when James left Cleveland for Miami in 2011. He enjoyed two titles and much success during his four year stay in South Beach. But, when that happened, not only Cleveland Cavaliers fans, but fans all across the NBA hated LeBron. He turned into a real life super villain. He was booed in every city and was hated.

But in 2014, LeBron decided to leave Miami and come back to Cleveland which he considered his home. He wanted to win a championship for those fans and for that city. In 2015, he came up against the Golden State Warriors and lost. But, the next year was different, while it seemed like it would a repeat of the 2015 finals, and Cleveland was down 3-1 in the series, they did the unthinkable. They won three straight games and won the NBA championship. No team has ever came back from  3-1 in a NBA finals series, until LeBron’s Cavaliers in 2016. Also, it was the Cavaliers first championship in franchise history, not only that it was the first championship the city of Cleveland had seen for over fifty years. It only made it that much more special that the Cavaliers beat the Warriors, who had a 73-9 record which is the best regular season record of all time.

Things would change quickly, as former MVP and all-star, Kevin Durant decided to join the already stacked team in a shocking move from Oklahoma City. Durant’s arrival would now give the Warriors four all stars. The Warriors were the favorites to win the NBA championship yet again and they did just that, as they beat the Cavaliers with ease 4-1 in the series. The NBA offseason was a crazy one, as Kyrie Irving left the Cavaliers but they also added the likes of Dwyane Wade, Jeff Green, Jae Crowder, Isaiah Thomas, among other talented players. With these additions, the Cavaliers were supposed to challenge the Warriors again for the championship, but it’s not looking as that will happen. The Cavs got blown out on their home court to the Houston Rockets 120-88 on Saturday night and they are losers of 11 of their past 14 games. The Cavaliers look awful right now, and many people speculate LeBron is going to leave Cleveland again. But, nobody would’ve ever thought LeBron would consider going to his rival, the Warriors. With that said, nobody thought he would join Miami back in 2010, so anything is possible. If he does indeed join the Warriors, LeBron will return to his super villain role in the league, and the Warriors will be considered as not only the best team of all time, but maybe the most hated as well.