Why People should Take up Golf

Golf has a reputation of being an unpopular sport. Kids are more likely to choose a sport like football or baseball. However, in my opinion, those sports don’t have the life skills that playing golf does.

Golf teaches the people who play how to compete not only with other players, but with themselves. They have to always be trying to improve and shrink the margin of error. This improvement can take a long time to achieve so it teaches people not to give up on their goals and how to be independent.

Also, golf is a very hard to game to be good at. The amount of skill and coordination it takes to play is more than any other sport. Golfers need to stick with it in order to see improvement. This teaches people who play not to give up even when times get difficult.

A big part of golf is being able to stay calm or, “keep your cool.” Many times when a golfer starts to play bad they will react in one of two ways. One, they might be fine and push through even though they really wan to quit. Two, they might flip out and quit golfing that day. If you play golf it teaches you how you have to stay calm even in the worst times in order for them to get better.

Even though golf is thought to be a individual sport. There are many golf coaches that are able to help you and teach you how to be better. But in order to be taught you have to reach out to them. This small part of the game teaches a big life skill. The skill is to be able to reach out to people if you need help and not to hold back when you need help.

Golf is also a big part of business. It can be a valuable skill if you go into business. Many clients like to play golf and if you can play with them, they may like you more making you virtually a better business partner.

All in all, golf is a game not chosen by many children picking a sport. I think this should change because golf is a game that can teach people who play valuable life skills that can help you with every aspect of your life. Also its a game you can play for a long time unlike other sports that don’t last very long.