A surprising, successful start for the Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have started the 2018 season on a high note. They are sitting above 500 and the success has created an exciting atmosphere in PNC Park. With this improvement from the Pirates, baseball should return to greatness in Pittsburgh.
The Pirates started off hot and sat in first place of the National League Central Division. This was a shock to many because, according to the MLB, the Pirates have been one of the worst teams in the past 20 years. Their record has shown this because of how many seasons they have missed the playoffs, and the numerous seasons performing below 500. This is due to the fact that the owner of the Pirates does not invest enough money into the team to make it better. This year however, the team is very successful even though there are not that many star players on the team.
The Pirates are currently 26 – 20 and this is a great start for the team who has had some major trouble in the past. With this early success, fans of Pittsburgh can take baseball seriously again and have actual hopes of this team making it through the playoffs. The Pirates have not made it to the MLB postseason since the 2013 season and this could be the year when they make their return.
The Pittsburgh Pirates had one of the longest losing streaks in professional sports history, according to the Bleacher Report, with a solid 20 years of being unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that they went on one of the longest losing season streaks of all time. However, the past couple of years have stabilized the Pirates and they are on the path to returning to what they used to be back in the 1970s. With this jolt of surprising success this season, the Pirates have a chance to prove to their fan base that they are going to be a competitive force in the NL Central division.