Browns elected to be on “Hard Knocks”

The Cleveland Browns were eligible for and are forced to participate in the HBO series which began airing in 2001.

Hard Knocks is an NFL show that airs every summer intending to show fans in-depth coverage of one team’s training camp, with film of practices, quotes from coaches and players, and General Managers cutting players at the end of the summer.  The embattled Cleveland Browns were the team of choice this year.  This documentary aired its first season in 2001 with the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL started to force teams on the program in 2013, which some coaches and GMs are not fans of like GM John Dorsey, but the rule was passed by owners. 

“NFL Films has always been exceptional at bringing fans closer to the game and they do an outstanding job with every show they produce, including HBO’s Hard Knocks,” says Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.  “We have been asked multiple times about being featured on “Hard Knocks,” and we really felt like it was our turn this year and the timing was right.”  The timing might be right as the Browns have made the playoffs only once since 1999 when their team was brought back, and went 0-16 last season, so things can only go up for this troubled franchise. 

Head Coach, Hue Jackson has been a part of “Hard Knocks” with the Cincinatti Bengals.  “I’ve been a part of “Hard Knocks” and when you experience it first hand, you come to appreciate the inside look it really gives fans,” said Jackson. 

All leaders of the Cleveland Browns are willing to accept the show, but not at first, as with GM John Dorsey.  “Like many, I was reluctant about being the featured team on “Hard Knocks,” but once we sat down and talked about it as an organization, I feel a lot better and understand why the time is right,” said Dorsey. 

The first show of the five-show-series premieres on August 7,2018 at 10 P.M.