Fall Fashion: What’s Hot or Not??


Fall Fashion is always a hot topic during the back to school months, and Kristen Curran can say that first hand.

This year is a big year for fashion.  There are many new trends and many different designs that are making their debut.

Kristen Curran is in tenth grade and knows a few things about fashion. One might say she is a fashionista because of the clothes she wears and how she is always up on the latest trends.  Curran mainly shops at Nordstroms, her favorite place to shop.  She says she would rather shop online though because it is a lot less stress than shopping in the store itself.  The only downfall of shopping online is she says she cannot try on the clothes.

Curran’s favorite accessory is earrings.  Who doesn’t love a nice sparkle on their ears?

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are becoming more and more popular this year.  Kristen Curran says that in her opinion, she would not wear a maxi dress herself, but she thinks they are very fashionable and cute on the people that can wear them and actually look good.  Another hot item that is becoming popular this year are the high low dresses and skirts.  In Curran’s opinion, she is not a fan of this clothing item either, but still thinks they are becoming more popular.

Kristen Curran says that she does get stressed when she is shopping.  “I feel pressured when I have to make decisions right away, and I feel weird picking out clothes in front of other people.”  She does not have an idol for fashion but knows what’s hot and what is not.  She likes wearing more of a preppy look, but isn not afraid to wear something comfortable.

One can see Curran every Friday wearing her cheerleading uniform or something showing Seneca Valley pride.

Curran says that ever since she was little she can remember she used to always dress nicely.  She always had everything perfect from her hair to her shoes.

Her favorite pair of shoes are her Sperry’s and her favorite way to do her hair is curly.  Although it takes up a lot of time to curl her hair, she takes the time and effort to curl her hair on some mornings.

Curran thinks that the most popular shoes right now are Sperry’s and she thinks that they go good with a nice pair of jeans  and a cute shirt.