Ocean Isle trip

It was a chilly summer morning as the children went to the church and waited. This is what got most of them through the last semester having this trip to look forward to. The youth group was going to Ocean Isle for a week and boy were the kids and even adults excited despite it being three in the morning. The ride down to Ocean Isle was very exciting as there was four children and two adults in a big white van. Well in the van that Maddie rode in.  

Once the children could finally get out of the van and smell the sweet salty air, they basically ran up the steps of their beach house. Dumping their stuff and getting ready to go to dinner. The youth group knew that they needed to get a dinner and a good night’s sleep so that they could have fun at the beach for that week.   

After the children ran down stairs at about nine in the morning to eat breakfast, they practically dashed down to the beach to get a good spot for the day. Bringing with them some buckets to see what kinds of fish or maybe even crabs they could catch. Maddie’s friend Nora was really into animals and hoped to work with them in some way when she graduates. Having her around was awesome not only because they were great friends, but also the fact that since Nora loved animals it was so cool to catch things with her. After swimming in the ocean for hours, Maddie and Nora decided to walk along the shore and see what animals they could find. They ended up finding a few bigger crabs that day. To say that Nora and Maddie were happy by this was probably an understatement. The two of them were ecstatic. Hopeful of what they would get the other days they went back to the beach house not wanting to get horribly sun burnt on their first day there.  

The big crab that the girls caught while walking along the shore.

That night the girls were sitting on this look out at the top of the roof watching the sun set as they played their ukuleles with one of their other friends named Clarie. They just could not stop looking at how beautiful the sunset was that night. As they finished up playing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” they yawned and went to go get some well needed rest for the next day of supper fun activities. 

The sunset the girls watched as they were settling in for the night.

The next morning the girls were up super early again. Grabbing the bucket and net they slipped their flip-flops on and dashed down to the beach. Along with seeing a lot of fish, they caught a cute little hermit crab.  

The small hermit crab that the girls had caught with the net.

After being at the beach for a few hours, the girls walked back to get showered and changed. After their showers, they all had a cute flower in their hair, so they took a cute picture. 

This picture shows the flowers that the girls were wearing. (left-Nora, Center-Maddie, Right- Claire)

The last day of vacation was sadly there. The young adults could hardly believe that it was over. They all tried to fit on to the overlook on the roof and watched again another beautiful sunset talking about their favorite memories that will stay with them even to this day.

The last sunset the children watched before leaving the next day.