My interview with Rayan Abedin

I decided to interview Rayan Abedin who is a senior here at Seneca Valley and a close friend of mine. I asked him questions about some of his experiences throughout high school such as which classes have been his favorite, and then asked him some questions about his plans for the summer, college, and furthermore. He is committed into going to Pitt Bradford into the computer science/ computer information systems and technology. He stated the toughest part about leaving home and going away to college will be being away from family but is excited for the journey ahead. Though Rayan is eager to graduate and move on to college, he will miss the friends he has made and the terrific teachers he has had. Rayan said “I am excited to be independent and have a taste of life outside of home, having a roommate will be fun and all of the college events should be a blast” when I asked him what he is most looking forward to in college. He currently plays on the school frisbee team so I asked if he will be playing next year at Pitt, he said “If there is a frisbee team then I might try it because why not, plus it’ll give me something to do and its a fun sport to play”. I concluded our interview by asking if he plans to travel anywhere for summer vacation. He is wanting to go to Germany, Spain, Dubai, or Bangladesh and maybe visit friends in North Carolina but just having a fun summer overall.