Hockey player…licking people?

Marchand,29 of the Boston Bruins does something that no other hockey player has ever done before.

Brad Marchand, who is known for his skill, suddenly in game four of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, licks Ryan Callahan after a scrum.  He has been known to take a few cheap shots, but none like this before. 

Back in 2011, he elbowed RJ Umberger, a Pittsburgh native, and received a two-game suspension.  Marchand did not receive a penalty on this play.  Every hockey player elbows his opponent whether intentional or not. In 2015, he served a five-game suspension on a low-bridge to Sami Salo of the Vancouver Canucks.  A low-bridge is basically cutting in front of a player and making them flip by checking them low.  This is a rule to prevent injury in Hockey.  It was not necessarily a cheap shot, but rather a competitive move to get to the puck.  In 2015, Marchand received another two-game suspension for a slew-foot on Derrick Brassard.  A slew-foot is getting another player’s skate caught in your skate, which will most likely cause the player to lose balance.  This could be debated as well as to how intentional it was.  Other factors must play in as it is hard to get feet tangled in anything but hockey sticks in this high-speed sport.  Fast forward three years and he elbows Devils forward Marcus Johansson in the head.  This is a dirty hit as there is a proper way to hit someone that should not cause the head to be harmed.   

This has not been done in the history of the NHL, as hockey is known for the bruises, not the humility.  Marchand did not get suspended; he was just told to stop.  When asked about the incident he responded, “I thought he wanted to cuddle…I was just trying to get close to him.”  That is a nauseating response to such a once-in-a-lifetime act.  Marchand should be suspended by the league for his repulsive actions.